Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The reality around here

Two chairs, at least six feet apart, no jigsaw puzzle in process, and nowhere to congregate.  This is what I found in the lobby when I went down to check my mail in the middle of the night.  Seeing this was a shock, since we usually have sofas and groupings of chairs and tables to visit in the lobby.
"For the safety of our residents, community members and staff, all Crown Center programs have been cancelled for the month of March."
Our situation here is developing day by day.  We can't eat together or meet in groups.  Our dinner program meals will be delivered, starting yesterday, when Regina delivered mine.  Today, it was delivered by Theresa.
Wednesday update:  My meals (notice it's plural) were delivered by David about 1:20 pm under new rules saying that we'll have delivery only TWICE a week:  two meals on Monday, and three meals on Wednesday.  That covers the five days a week we normally would eat together downstairs.
Coronavirus signs were placed in at least three places last week:  (1) at the entrance near the office, (2) at the entrance at the link desk between our two buildings, and (3) near the dining room.  And now all community spaces have been locked.  We are not allowed to gather in groups and have been asked to stay in our apartments if we are ill.


Vicki said...

I work in a rehab center/nursing home. The dining rooms are closed and all the residents are now eating in their rooms. The streets are almost deserted compared to what they were just a few weeks ago. Praying you, your family, and friends stay safe!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Stay healthy and safe, practice all the good "COVID-19 rules," and I hope we all come out of this okay.

Unknown said...

I saw "hallway bingo" on the internet, people sitting at their doorway. That looked like fun.
Wish I could come visit ...... we'll have a nice meet-up when we get an 'all clear'

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Dear Unknown, who are you? Blogger doesn't know your name, and I can't tell who you are from what you wrote. Are you family? friend? acquaintance?