Thursday, March 19, 2020

Self-isolating and staying fit

Self-Isolating Questions

1.  What am I grateful for today?
It's raining, so "I will define the rainy day as a cozy day," as my friend Joy wrote.  I'm grateful for a cozy day.  I'm grateful for all the Crown Center is doing for its residents, like cleaning doorknobs (see #3 below).
2.  Who am I checking in on or connecting with today?
Sandy called to check on me this morning, and I later talked to Donna when an ambulance pulled up at our entrance.  It happens often here, but it seems more ominous now.  The ambulance left within ten minutes, meaning they didn't have anyone on board, no lights, no sirens.  Dora hates staying in her apartment, so she was glad to hear about the SilverSneakers exercises online (see #5 below) when we talked on the phone.  I saw Scott in the hallway earlier; he's doing fine.  Dorothy came to the door of the laundry room when I was there, and she's okay.  I got texts from Donna's sister Jane and from Sharon down the hall, and both are well.
3.  What expectations of "normal" am I letting go of today?
I had thought, as people fought over toilet paper, that I could always go downstairs.  So far, the public restrooms in my building are still open.  (I confirmed it with Scott, who was cleaning the doorknobs in my hallway as I typed this, another good thing the Crown Center is doing for us.)  I took this photo of the closed signs yesterday, when I went to Donna's apartment in the other building to pick up the groceries she had ordered for me along with hers.
4.  How am I getting outside today?
It's raining here today, so the only thing I plan to do "outside my apartment" is go to the laundry room.
5.  How am I moving my body today?
I managed to get up in time to do the SilverSneakers exercises that were live-streamed.  The instructor went very fast and bouncy, so maybe I'll look for their YouTube programs instead, next time.  They have now posted a video of what was live-streamed this morning, so click here to watch it and maybe actually do it yourself.
6.  What beauty am I either creating, cultivating, or inviting in today?
Here's our bulletin board.  Compare this "before" photo with the "after" that I took today (at the top).  You can see how we are coloring our world, maybe brightening it a bit for others as well as ourselves.  I love it.  Okay, I'll sit down this afternoon and finish coloring one of the pages myself.

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Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

Hi Bonnie. I am self isolating too until things get better. I turned 87 this past February and don't want to push it. Here are my answers:
1) I am grateful for having many young friends who keep me up to date on all the tech stuff.
2) I am committed to letting all 3 of my children know daily that I am OK.
3) I live by the Buddha saying "cease expecting and you have all thinks."
4) I try to do some leaf racking every day.
5) I have a morning routine that I've done for the past 16 years ...I do the 18 warm up exercises for TaiChi.
6) I am currently re-painting the front of a cabinet to better fit in with my new couch. I am painting it with a Folk Art design.