Thursday, March 26, 2020

New questions

I've been thinking about the daily questions I found somewhere:
1. What am I grateful for today?
2. Who am I checking in on or connecting with today?
3. What expectations of "normal" am I letting go of today?
4. How am I getting outside today?
5. How am I moving my body today?
Trying to answer each of those every day didn't really work, so I came up with my own list to choose from.  I'll use these as a reminder of possibilities and share one or more in my blog posts when I feel like it.  (So there!  LOL.)
1.  Something I'm grateful for
2.  Find something humorous
3.  Something that surprised me
4.  How I'm exercising or moving my body
5.  Activities I'm enjoying
6.  Who I connected with
7.  What I did NOT do, like cancelled stuff
8.  Today's word
9.  Whatever else is on my mind

That "toilet paper" humor at the top was funnier a week ago, but today I laughed when this photo made me think:  "Must be a blended family."


I'm grateful to the Crown Center.  When we are stuck in our apartments day after day, it's a kindness in this crisis that they deliver meals to us.  The food isn't boring, either.  Yesterday, I really enjoyed the Chicken Shawarma with rice, vegetables, and soup.  With one recent meal delivery, they included two word search puzzles, two coloring pages, and some pencils for coloring.  I got sky blue and deep brown; Donna got pink, orange, light green, and dark green.


I'll let you know when Donna Rae Jones goes live with her Gentle Chair Yoga.  In the meantime, we can visit SilverSneakers On-Demand for exercise videos.


"It's not about you; it's about everybody else."  Stay home, and stop the spread.  This chart is ancient, having been published three days ago, but it gives an idea of age groups of people hit by the coronavirus.

St. Louis County released this graphic to show the ages of our positive COVID-19 cases, updated March 23, 2020.  Since it's too tiny to read, here's what it shows in each age range:
  • 0-9 is 1
  • 10-19 is 2
  • 20-29 is 18
  • 30-39 is 12
  • 40-49 is 11
  • 50-59 is 27
  • 60-69 is 15
  • 70-79 is 2
  • 80-89 is 2
  • 90-99 is 0
As you can see, it is NOT just the elderly who are getting this virus.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I like your new questions and thoughts to ponder each day. I must also say that I find all the statistics related to this pandemic super interesting.