Saturday, March 21, 2020

Readathon and daily questions

Report on the Social Distancing Readathon
I haven't actually done much reading, though I did finish the book Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg (1994, fiction, 9/10).  I've added it to my list for the Mount TBR Reading Challenge as a book I have read from my own "to be read" shelves.

Now I've started on Rambam's Ladder by Julie Salamon, 2003.  It's short enough that I may finish it before the end of the day tomorrow.
My daily questions for the new state of our world

1.  What am I grateful for today?
It's been a lazy sort of day, so I'm grateful I did not need to be anywhere.  No obligations, except to stay isolated from people, especially in crowds.
2.  Who am I checking in on or connecting with today?
Besides online and texting with a few folks, Sharon and I met at the elevator area of our floor to "practice social distancing" by pulling a couple of chairs ten feet apart to talk and catch up.  She still hasn't found toilet paper, so I gave her a roll and she offered me a couple of fresh lemons she had bought.
3.  What expectations of "normal" am I letting go of today?
I am sort of already in "new normal" mode, getting used to staying in my apartment.  Hmm, I just remembered I haven't gone down to check my mail today.
4.  How am I getting outside today?
I didn't, unless we count opening the window for Clawdia to sniff that wonderful fresh air, even if it is cold out there.  When I asked, "Do you want me to open the window?" and started putting aside my laptop, she ran straight there before I even got up.  She had understood me.
5.  How am I moving my body today?
I moved along with some of the SilverSneakers videos that pop up on my Facebook page.  Not a lot, but enough to say I actually did move my body today.

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