Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday update ~ the state of things around here

1.  What am I grateful for today?
Neighborhood links — do you have one?  Years ago, I was on an email list sharing community news.  Now I'm on Nextdoor (a neighborhood email link).  One thread this morning:  "I'd be interested in knowing how it looks in the grocery stores, from those who've shopped in the last few days.  Is there fresh produce?  Are stores restocking?  Is 'senior hour' worth taking advantage of?"

**One comment (about MY store):  "Good morning — I was at the Ladue Schnucks on Wednesday morning at 6:45 a.m.   Store was not crowded and there was plenty on the shelves, in the produce area and the meet [meat?] area."

**Another comment:  "Also, if you'd like to avoid going to the store, you can down-load the instacart app and order from Schnucks for home delivery.  The prices are the same as in store and the delivery fee is $3.99.  If your order is more than $35, delivery is free."  (Donna and I use Instacart, which will now leave your order at your door to avoid contact.)

**A third comment:  "I was at Dollar Tree on Olive yesterday about 4:30pm.  Plenty of cleaning supplies available, and they had toilet paper, and vitamins, too.  Since the signs went up to stop hoard buying, I think it's really helped slow panic shopping."

**Another comment:  "I ran to CVS at Clayton and Brentwood to pick up prescriptions.  Only a few people there.  They had toilet paper for those without.  I heard from a neighbor that Schnucks on Ladue Rd was very crowded and USBank had lines.  Just FYI."

**A recent comment:  "Not too crowded at 11:00 at Schnucks at Spoede.  Out of tp and tissues."
2.  Who am I checking in on or connecting with today?
I'm connecting with YOU today, connecting virtually and sending a hug.  Let me know when you get it by leaving a comment.  See?  We're connecting.  While I was checking my blood pressure, Tiny called.  When I called back, she must have been talking to someone else.  Donna texted and emailed me, and I've been sharing with friends on Facebook.  Last night, I texted with Sharon.
3.  What expectations of "normal" am I letting go of today?
Normal is greeting people in the hallways and eating together in the Circle@Crown Café.  Normal is taking trips on the Crown Center bus and exercising in our Fitness Center.  To let go of exercising with friends, I can exercise with a video (see #5).
4.  How am I getting outside today?
I think I'll bundle up (it's 41° here, feels like 37°) and take a walk to the far end of my curving street and back.  Maybe I'll even go on around the block and back from the other direction.
5.  How am I moving my body today?
SilverSneakers plans to do another online exercise class on Monday.  In the meantime, I can repeat what's in yesterday's video and take a walk (see #4).


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Bonnie.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Virtual hug right back. Keeping in touch with friends and family is so important through all of this.