Monday, March 2, 2020

Musing on a Monday

Counting money ~ Uh, enough?  I have enough for the life I live, which is the life I want to live.

Counting pounds ~ My pounds are about right.  Since my quadruple by-pass surgery in February 2009, I've lost 60+ pounds.

Counting calories ~ The Med-DASH Diet doesn't count calories.  I mostly follow DASH along with the Mediterranean Diet.  Eat colorful foods, avoid processed foods, forget about calories.

Click to enlarge and see what Clawdia sees
Counting steps ~ Okay, I actually HAVE counted steps when I've walked (slowly) to the other end of the hall each night with Clawdia, who gets terribly bored stuck inside our apartment all day.  The average is about 100 steps in each direction.  Clawdia, of course, takes 6-8 steps for every one of mine.

Family ~ I have three children (all married), seven grandchildren (two married), and six great-grandkids (all way too young to consider marriage yet).

Clawdia ~ I have a cat who loves me.  Well, I think she does.  She does get quite annoyed with me, if I don't promptly get up and feed her or take her for a walk when she's ready to go.  But when I go to bed, she comes to join me.

Friends ~ Good friends are a blessing, for sure.  One thing I really like about the Crown Center for Senior Living is that we share and help each other.  Don't care for the applesauce?  Give the cups to a friend.  Have too many potatoes?  Share extras with your neighbors.  Going to the store?  Ask if your friend needs anything.  I chose the two tiny heart-shaped potatoes rather than a big one.  Oh, can't forget volunteering.  Those of us healthy enough are invited to serve in some capacity:  I re-shelve books in the library, some serve on the Resident Council or the Hostess Committee (for resident events), some help in the dining room in the evenings by distributing our meals, some serve on the Link Desk between our two buildings, pointing visitors in the right direction, etc.

Everyday things ~ A good place to live, friendly people greeting me every day, transportation available to get to doctor's appointments and grocery shopping, smiling neighbors on my floor, a place downstairs to exercise, my voting precinct on the main floor here, a greenway for walking that runs past our property, social workers on staff to help us sort things out, a building manager willing to listen carefully to our concerns.  So many things!

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Helen's Book Blog said...

Great post. I agree that as Americans, we tend to "compete" whether against others, ourselves, or some ideal. Noticing and appreciating what we have is a great place to start.