Sunday, March 1, 2020

Mindful March Calendar

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I found this month's calendar on the Action for Happiness web site. Here are actions they suggest we do during March 2020.

Sunday, March 1
~ Set an intention to live with awareness and kindness.
Monday, March 2
~ Get outside and notice five things that are beautiful.
Tuesday, March 3
~ Cultivate a feeling of loving kindness towards others today.
Wednesday, March 4
~ Start today by appreciating that you're alive and have a body.
Thursday, March 5
~ Every hour, simply take three calm breaths in and out.
Friday, March 6
~ Eat mindfully.  Appreciate the taste, texture, and smell of your food.
Saturday, March 7
~ Listen to a piece of music without doing anything else.
Sunday, March 8
~ No plans day.  Slow down and let spontaneity take over.
Monday, March 9
~ When someone is speaking, take a full breath before you reply.
Tuesday, March 10
~ Stay fully present while drinking your cup of tea or coffee.
Wednesday, March 11
~ Notice how you speak to yourself.  Try to use kind words.
Thursday, March 12
~ Feel the cool of a breeze or warmth of the sun on your face.
Friday, March 13
~ Stop, breathe, and just notice.  Repeat regularly during the day.
Saturday, March 14
~ Enjoy doing any chores or tasks more mindfully today.
Sunday, March 15
~ Stop to just watch the sky or clouds for ten minutes today.
Monday, March 16
~ Do something creative that absorbs your attention.
Tuesday, March 17
~ Look around and spot three things you find unusual or pleasant.
Wednesday, March 18
~ If you find yourself rushing, make an effort to slow down.
Thursday, March 19
~ Listen deeply to someone and really hear what they are saying.
Friday, March 20
~ Happy International Day of Happiness (
Saturday, March 21
~ Notice the joy to be found in the simple things of life.
Sunday, March 22
~ Have a device-free day and enjoy the space it offers.
Monday, March 23
~ Take an unusual route and notice what looks different.
Tuesday, March 24
~ Notice when you're tired and take a break as soon as possible.
Wednesday, March 25
~ Make a list of amazing things that you take for granted.
Thursday, March 26
~ Tune in to your feelings, without judging or trying to change.
Friday, March 27
~ Stop work earlier and use the time to be still and relax.
Saturday, March 28
~ Bring to mind all the people you love and care about.
Sunday, March 29
~ Appreciate your hands and all the things they enable you to do.
Monday, March 30
~ Mentally scan down your body and notice what it is feeling.
Tuesday, March 31
~ Go nature spotting today.  Even in a city, life is all around.

"Mindfulness means being awake.  It means
knowing what you are doing." ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Athira said...

Thanks for sharing this calendar! I haven't heard of it but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I already accomplished today's ask so I'm going to going along with the rest of it.