Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday can be Fun Day


Hey, folks, I've found some online games we can play for free, when we're tired of thinking.  I first played Solitaire Time on a site called 24/7 Games.
Today, I tried Easy Word Search, and each game of six words took me less than a minute.  I imagine somewhere on that site are more difficult word search puzzles, and there are lots of other games, if you aren't interested in either of these.


I also found eleven free science coloring pages, including the illustration I'm using.  Do you have coloring pencils?  Or crayons?  Or anything to color with?  Save this one and print it out for yourself, if you like it.  Or click here to access the space shuttle, paleontology, cell biology, natural history, and others.


Bear hunts (that I wrote about last Tuesday) have made it to Woman's Day, with pictures and even videos of people out "bear hunting" with their children.  People have added more photos in the comments.

My friend Joy shared that link on Facebook and said, "Our windows aren't visible to the main road, so I put a bear up on our mail box."  I love her drawing of a bear with a butterfly.


I'm glad I learned how to Zoom yesterday.  (Thanks, Donna Rae Jones.)  This morning, I "went" to services at University United Methodist Church "live" via Zoom.  Now it's on Facebook video.


Donna Rae Jones (wearing the royal blue "Girl" shirt in this group photo) is scheduled to do some online classes this week.
Wednesday, 4/1 at 12:00 pm:  Yoga on the Chair with Donna
Wednesday, 4/1 at 7:00 pm:  Meditation with Donna
Thursday, 4/2 at 5:00 pm:  Slow Flow with Donna
Click this link to access the Yoga Buzz information on Facebook.  You can find older videos of Donna's meditation sessions in the collection at the bottom of this page.

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