Friday, February 23, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia ~ by Katherine Paterson ~ a banned book

Did you know...?
...that the Bible has been banned at various times, editions, and places in the world?
...that Black Beauty by Anna Sewell was banned in South Africa because of the use of the word "Black" in the title?
...that Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson was banned from some libraries in America due to its content relating to death?

"Bridge to Terabithia" is now a movie, which I saw last weekend. The movie version is as good as the book, probably because it was directed by the author's son, whose friendship with a girl in the neighborhood inspired the book in the first place. Read Bridge to Terabithia, a Newbery Medal-winning novel, if you get a chance. I rate it 9/10, another excellent book.

Animal Farm ~ by George Orwell ~ banned again

My son's favorite book was Animal Farm by George Orwell, after his school class had to read it when he was about 12. He thought it was hilarious. I rate it 9/10, an excellent book.

This morning I learned from a couple of other blogs that the book is in trouble in Miami. Yesterday, the library and human rights group FREADOM sent a hardcover copy of Animal Farm to the Bossard Miami elementary school library after a parent group announced they had "kidnapped" the book because it distorted the reality of Cuba. But wait, it gets worse! Now the school says it may not be able to accept their donation.

Isn't kidnapping the book the same thing Cuba has been doing under Castro? A book is no less "gone" by being kidnapped than by being burned. These parents are NOT furthering education by taking books from the shelves. I can hardly wait to find out why the school library won't accept a replacement copy. All of this so I can say, "Freedom to Read Week" starts Monday!

If you haven't read Animal Farm lately (or ever), check out a copy from your library and read it next week. Or choose another banned book from the ALA list: BannedBooks. Or read what Wikipedia has to say about banned books: Wikipedia.