Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Library Loot ~ May 18-24

31 Hours ~ by Masha Hamilton, 2009, fiction (large print)
"Jonas has not called or spoken to his mother or girlfriend in several weeks. His mother has a bad feeling and Vic is worried, although she also has her sister to watch out for. As the two women search for Jonas, he is staying in a safe-house, preparing for an act of unspeakable violence. Gripping and well-written, but the real impact of the book lies in the depth of its everyday characters, like a homeless man, who will undoubtedly die if the terrorists succeed."  (Bookfool's review)
There Once Was a Puffin ~ by Florence Page Jaques, 1995, children's, 8/10.  (I reviewed this children's book yesterday.)
"Boldly colored pictures complement a rollicking story in rhyme about a little puffin whose fondness for fishes (he has them for supper and tea) sets the stage for an unusual friendship."
Please Look After Mom ~ by Kyung-sook Shin, 2011, fiction
"On a family visit to the city, Mom is right behind her husband when the train pulls out of Seoul Station without her, and she is lost, possibly forever.  As her children argue over how to find her and her husband returns to their countryside home to wait for her, they each recall their lives with her, their memories often more surprising than comforting.  Have they lived up to her expectations?  Was she happy?"
Library Loot is a weekly meme co-hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader and Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.  Marg has the Mister Linky this week, if you'd like to share a list of the loot you brought home.


Helen's Book Blog said...

31 Hours sounds particularly good and gripping! Enjoy these books

Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

I've been seeing really positive reviews of Please Look After Mom. I hope it lives up to all the praise it has been getting! Enjoy your loot!

Linda said...

I'v also seen great reviews for Please Look After Mom. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of Please Look After Mom and 31 Hours.

Happy reading, I can't wait to hear what you think of both books.

Leya said...

I've been seeing Please Look After Mom alot lately. I may just break down an get it too. :)

Great loot! Enjoy your books!

Jen C said...

Both 31 hours and Please Look for Mom sound very good.
Enjoy Your Loot!
My Library Loot

Jen C said...

Oops...posted my old Loot! Sorry!
My Library Loot

SweetMarie83 said...

Great selection, Bonnie! Enjoy! :-)