Sunday, May 22, 2011

Armchair BEA ~ agenda for 2011

Armchair BEA (May 23-27) is for bloggers who are not attending BEA in New York that week.  Here's the agenda for those of us blogging from home (see the fuller version at Armchair BEA Central):

Monday, May 23 — Who are you, and how do you Armchair?
Introduce yourself to any new visitors, including a bit about how you’re doing Armchair BEA — where you are, what you’re excited about, what you hope will happen this week.  (My post)
Tuesday, May 24 — Best of 2011
Share some of your favorite books so far this year.  (My post)
Wednesday, May 25 — Work the Network
Write a post highlighting some of your favorite book blogs and bloggers.  (My post)
Thursday, May 26 — Nurturing Relationships
Post about a relationship you've formed with a particular publisher, author, blogger, or bookstore; share thoughts and tips about connecting and building those relationships.  (My post)
Friday, May 27 — Blogging about Blogging
How do you keep your blog fresh and interesting to your readers and yourself?  (My post)
Day by day, I'll link my own posts back here, as each appears on this blog.


Helen's Book Blog said...

I am looking forward to Armchair BEA and was just thinking about my posts for the week last night! I hope you enjoy the next 5 days

Anonymous said...

This is a very cool meme !

Jason Jack Miller said...

Came to your blog from the ArmchairBEA site. I love that you've posted your posts for the week in advance. I can't think that far ahead.

If you feel like your missing out on all the free books you'd get at BEA, I'd be happy to send you mine. Just drop me a line if you're interested.