Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cleocatra ~ another writer cat, like me

That's Cleo-CAT-ra.  (I'm sure you got that.)  Cleo wrote a checklist for cats, and I got a copy of it.  You may read the whole thing by clicking on the title.
Attention all cats who run a household

Are you keeping your human staff up to par?  Are you keeping their guilt levels high?

I didn't think so.

Recent reports seem to indicate that you've been sleeping on the job.  That simply will not do.  You're getting fat and lazy.  Come on now, shape up.  Complete the following checklist and return it to HQ within the next 24 hours.
2. How much time did you spend grooming in the suede recliner last week?

10. How's your door monitoring technique? Remember the drill: If you're inside the room, you want out. If you're outside, you want in. No matter which side of the door you're on, insist on being on the other. Got it?

13. Hairballs: Are they strategically placed?

17. Purring: Be very sure you keep that motor tuned. Purring is our best weapon. After all the work we do to keep our human staff on the ball, we must ALWAYS award them with a contented purring session at the end of the day. Or any time you think it's merited, or even the best tactic to avert disaster.

Cats sleeping on the job?  No way!

Kiki Cat, signing off

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