Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Moltmann's newest book

Resurrected to Eternal Life: On Dying and Rising ~ by Jürgen Moltmann, translated by Ellen Yutzy Glebe, 2021, theology
In this deeply personal and daring meditation, eminent theologian Jürgen Moltmann challenges many closely held beliefs about the experience of dying, the nature of death, and the hope of eternal life.  Moving deftly between biblical, theological, and existential domains, Moltmann argues that while we know intimately the experience of dying — both our loved ones' dying and, ultimately, our own — death itself is a mystery.  Are those who have died in fact dead?  If the dead are alive, how or in what respect?  When the dead awaken to eternal life, who wakes?  Moltmann's interrogations yield surprising and beautiful fruits.  The living soul that awakens to eternal life is not a ghost in a machine, but the Lebensgestalt, the shape and story of a life, its human and divine contexts, its "whole."

Drawing on themes from his oeuvre's entire arc, Resurrected to Eternal Life testifies to the inner unity of Moltmann's theology:  the cross, the Spirit, the kingdom, the end, and the hope that makes the end present here and now.  Seasoned readers of Moltmann will find in these pages a capstone of a lifetime of theological exploration, while those new to his thinking will find a concise entry point into his voluminous work.  (This book is an essay, 88 pages long.)
Word of the Day
oeu·vre / ˈəvrə, ˈo͞ovrə / noun = the works of an author regarded collectively.  Example:  "When this book downloads onto my Kindle today — publication day — I'll be only a few volumes short of having Jürgen Moltmann's complete oeuvre."

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