Monday, April 12, 2021

Grab a book, and let's read!

When author Beverly Cleary’s children were in school, they participated in D.E.A.R. time (Drop Everything And Read).  Cleary liked the concept so much that she incorporated D.E.A.R. into her popular Ramona Quimby books, and the idea took off!  In gratitude to Cleary, April 12 (her birthday) is National Drop Everything And Read Day.  Hey, that's today!  Where's your book?  I have mine.

I may move my newest book up in the queue.  Yes, I added another book to the many on my Kindle.  Umm, but it looked so interesting and it's about time travel (my favorite subject) and the Kindle edition costs less than a dollar right now.  A penny less, but who's counting?  Me, I guess, since I noticed the novel has 35 chapters, thirty with "time" in their titles and five more from a fictional journal by Nikola Tesla, the brilliant inventor.
From the author's note in If She Had Stayed by Diane Byington (2020):

"I suspect that most of us would change certain decisions from our pasts.  We all know it's not possible to go back and make a different decision.  But what if we could? ... I tried to stay true to the essence of Tesla the inventor and how he might have responded to the discovery of time travel" (p. 274).

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