Thursday, April 1, 2021

Active April 2021

The Active April Calendar is from the folks at Action for Happiness, who say:
This month we're encouraging you to get active, get outdoors and take care of your body!  Let's reap the benefits of getting our bodies moving and breathing more deeply as a result of exercising, laughing and even singing! We don't all need to run marathons.  There are simple things we can all do to take care of our bodies — for example, unplugging from technology, getting outside, and — importantly — making sure we get enough sleep!
April 1 ~ Commit to being more active this month, starting today.
April 2 ~ Listen to your body and be grateful for what it can do.
April 3 ~ Spend as much time as possible outdoors today.
April 4 ~ Have a day free from TV or screens and get moving instead.
April 5 ~ Eat healthy and natural food today, and drink lots of water.
April 6 ~ Turn a regular activity into a playful game today.
April 7 ~ Do a body scan meditation and really notice how your body feels.
April 8 ~ Get natural light early in the day.  Dim the lights in the evening.
April 9 ~ Give your body a boost by laughing or making someone laugh.
April 10 ~ Turn your housework or chores into a fun form of exercise.
April 11 ~ Be active outside.  Dig up weeds, or plant some seeds.
April 12 ~ Set yourself an exercise goal, or sign up to an activity challenge.
April 13 ~ Move as much as possible, even if you're stuck inside.
April 14 ~ Make sleep a priority and go to bed in good time.
April 15 ~ Relax your body and mind with yoga, tai chi, or meditation.
April 16 ~ Get active by singing today — even if you think you can't sing!
April 17 ~ Go exploring around your local area, and notice new things.
April 18 ~ Make time to run, swim, dance, cycle, or stretch today.
April 19 ~ Have a 'no screens' night and take time to recharge yourself.
April 20 ~ Spend less time sitting today.  Get up and move more often.
April 21 ~ Focus on 'eating a rainbow' of multi-colored vegetables today.
April 22 ~ Regularly pause to stretch and breathe during the day.
April 23 ~ Enjoy moving to your favorite music.  Really go for it.
April 24 ~ Go out and do an errand for a loved one or neighbor.
April 25 ~ Get active in nature.  Feed the birds or go wildlife-spotting.
April 26 ~ Try a new online exercise, activity, or dance class.
April 27 ~ Take an extra break in your day, and walk outside for 15 minutes.
April 28 ~ Find a fun exercise to do while waiting for the kettle to boil.
April 29 ~ Meet a friend outside for a walk and a chat.
April 30 ~ Become an activist for a cause you really believe in.

Happier — Kinder — Together


Helen's Book Blog said...

Active April is a great theme for the weather getting better and vaccination life beginning. I got my second shot yesterday and was a little fatigued this morning, but I got up and did my full workout so I am doing well on day one of Active April.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I got my second shot this afternoon. No problems so far. Did you see my other post today? My friend Donna Rae Jones is offering chair yoga classes during April. We were in the middle of chair yoga classes last year, when our lockdown started. So I learned Zoom to help her get classes started that way. Here's the link: