Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Magnifying function in my phone

Did you know there's a magnifying glass in your smart phone?  I didn't know until I found this paragraph in Reader's Digest.*  In case you can't read my photo, here's what the RD says:
"Trouble reading a menu?  On an iPhone, go to Settings > Accessibility > Magnifier.  Flip it to on, then when you click the home button three times, the camera will open as a magnifying lens with a zoom function."
It worked for my iPhone.  The paragraph goes on to give instructions for Android phones, too.
"Android users, turn the feature on in Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Magnification, then open the camera and tap the screen three times."
* From the February 2021 issue of Reader's Digest, page 32


Jinjer-The Intrepid Angeleno said...

Well damn, Sam! That would've come in SO HANDY when I was trying to read the numbers on a gift card. I ended up taking a photo and trying to zoom in on it. Can't wait for a reason to try the magnifying glass setting! Thanks for telling us about it!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

And if I had not seen it in Reader's Digest, neither of us would have known it was there. How are we supposed to find these things anyway?

Bonnie Jacobs said...

By the way, go ahead and set it up while you have these instructions in front of you, and then hope you remember to click or tap three times to use it (according to which kind of smart phone you have).

Joy-Marcus said...

Thank you Bonnie! Much faster than finding my glasses.