Sunday, February 21, 2021

Home Sweet Home ~ by Lilly Mirren

Home Sweet Home ~ by Lilly Mirren, 2020, fiction (Australia), 266 pages
Trina is starting over after a painful separation from her husband of almost twenty years.  Grief and loss force her to re-evaluate her life.  She returns to her hometown where she has to deal with all of the things she left behind, a hometown she hasn't visited since high school graduation.  When the police officer who lives next door comes knocking with questions about a tragedy from the past, Trina finds herself exploring the trauma of her childhood and facing the pain and stigma she's run from for so long.  Trina must confront the ghosts of her past and a mystery that's haunted her adult life.
I am not into reading series books, and I don't ever buy the first in a series since it may end in such a way that I have the keep buying in order to find out what happens to the characters.  This one was published in December 2020, and the second (and final) book in the series will not be published until May 25, 2021.  But Home Sweet Home was FREE for Kindle today, and those who already got the book think it's great, so I downloaded it.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I get nervous about starting a series as well. I don't want to finish book one on a cliff hanger then feel I have to read book 2