Sunday, February 28, 2021

It's Caturday ~ animal edition


There is actually a cat in this photo.  Look carefully and see if you can find it.  Tomorrow, I will tell you where to look so that you too may see the cat.


Pandemic living makes me feel as downside up as this panda.  Oh, wait!  Pan-demic and pan-da.  Hmm, do you suppose there's some connection to be made here?


My friend Alyssa was holding back Hazel, her new dog, who shows a bit too much enthusiasm when meeting new friends.  In other words, Hazel wanted to jump up on me.
Tiger and panther

My stuffed tiger is on the shelf in the upper left, but my little black panther was inches from my hand while I was putting something in a plastic bag on that wooden surface at the bottom.  Do you see Clawdia now?  I absolutely did NOT see her until she opened her eyes and turned around.  Now you see her, and I don't need to wait until tomorrow to point her out.

So as I said, the pandemic has me as upside down as that panda, and I do NOT know what day it is most of the time.  Earlier today, I did know it was Sunday.  Why did I forget?  I dunno, you tell me.  Blame it on fuzzy pandemic thinking.  And this week, let's just say that Caturday came on Sunday for a change, okay?

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