Monday, February 1, 2021

Friendly February 2021

This Friendly February Calendar is from the folks at Action for Happiness, who say:
We need each other more than ever right now!  This month let's focus on reaching out to connect with others and doing our best to be a good friend.  Our acts of kindness and connection ripple out and impact so many more people than we realize — and they also boost our own happy hormones, too!  In stressful times people around us may be feeling the strain, so let's try to keep calm, take time to listen, and show compassion.
February 1
~ Send someone a message to say how much they mean to you.
February 2
~ Ask a friend how they have been feeling recently.
February 3
~ Do an act of kindness to make life easier for someone else.
February 4
~ Organize a virtual "tea break" with colleagues or friends.
February 5
~ Show an active interest by asking questions when talking to others.
February 6
~ Get back in touch with an old friend you have not seen for awhile.
February 7
~ Make an effort to have a friendly chat with a neighbor.
February 8
~ Share what you're feeling with someone you really trust.
February 9
~ Thank someone and tell them how they made a difference for you.
February 10
~ Look for the good in people, even when they frustrate you.
February 11
~ Send an encouraging note to someone who needs a boost.
February 12
~ Focus on being kind rather than being right.
February 13
~ Send a friendly message of support to a local business.
February 14
~ Tell your loved ones why they are special to you.
February 15
~ Smile at the people you see and brighten their day.
February 16
~ Check in on someone who may be struggling and offer to help.
February 17
~ Respond kindly to everyone you talk to today, including yourself.
February 18
~ Appreciate the good qualities of someone in your life.
February 19
~ Share a video or message you find inspiring or helpful.
February 20
~ Make a plan to connect with others and do something fun.
February 21
~ Actively listen to what people say, without judging them.
February 22
~ Give sincere compliments to people you talk to today.
February 23
~ Be gentle with someone who you feel inclined to criticize.
February 24
~ Tell a loved one about their strengths that you value most.
February 25
~ Thank three people you feel grateful to and tell them why.
February 26
~ Give positive comments to as many people as possible today.
February 27
~ Call a friend to catch up and really listen to them.
February 28
~ Make uninterrupted time for your loved ones.

"The best way to cheer yourself up is
to cheer somebody else up." — Mark Twain


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I look forward to seeing this calendar each month. I like the specific examples, and I like having a theme.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I've been doing this monthly calendar for awhile now, Deb. Clicking on the "Action for Happiness" label below this post will bring up all of them. (I got curious and went back to see when I started — it was the first day of January 2018. So I'm starting my fourth year of calendar suggestions.)