Friday, February 5, 2021

Beginning ~ in an orphanage


Maisie Reynolds peered through the grubby window of Holly Bush Orphanage.  Another child turned and waved to her from the driveway below.  Maisie waggled her fingers in a half-hearted response and leaned her forehead against the cool glass.  Another heartbreaking moment for her.
The Forgotten Orphan ~ by Glynis Peters, 2020, fiction (UK)
Abandoned when she was tiny, Maisie Reynolds was separated from her twin brother and forced to grow up in Holly Bush orphanage — a place where she has never known love or kindness.  But with the world at war and Hitler’s devastating bombs coming ever closer, fate has other plans for Maisie and a secret from her past changes everything.  When she meets handsome Cam, a Canadian paratrooper, Maisie learns that love might not be lost to her after all — but not before her past life and D-Day bring a tragic twist to her happiness.
I downloaded this to my Kindle when it was on sale Tuesday for 99-cents.  Interestingly, the hardback edition won't be published until May of this year, though the Kindle edition came out in December 2020.

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Sherrie said...

Wow, that sounds suspenseful. I'll have
to check this one out. Have a great day!

Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

I think this book in on our book club list. Let me know if you think it will be a good discussion book. Thanks. My quotes this week

Literary Feline said...

My heart breaks for her in that opening scene. Poor Maisie. This sounds like something I would like. I hope you are enjoying it! Have a great weekend, Bonnie!

Emma at Words And Peace / France Book Tours said...

Heart-breaking beginning!
My post is here

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I've read about 3/4 of the book already and can tell you, Anne, that there would be lots to discuss in your book club.