Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh, this English language!

* The dumpster was so full we had to REFUSE more REFUSE.

* Sadly his insurance was INVALID even though he was an INVALID.

* See how the buck DOES prance when the DOES arrive.

* If I could PRODUCE more PRODUCE we’d eat better.

* The DOVE DOVE into the bushes.

* I will PRESENT the PRESENT in the PRESENT, rather than wait ‘til tomorrow.

* My HEIR is out getting some AIR; he will be here ERE long.

* The COLONEL picked the KERNEL from his teeth.

  borrowed from Goldendaze-Ginnie


Ginnie said...

I like the addition of the pictures. Glad you enjoyed the content and shared it with others.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Can you imagine trying to learn English as a second language?! Way too confusing

L. H. said...

Sorry to bother you. On December, 2011, you posted something about Stephen Kings' 11/22/63 and now I find myself in trouble: I'm Brazilian, a translator student with the task of translating 11/22/63 into Portuguese. I can't know what "LHS gym" actually means, though I have done some research (I understand it's a place, but I'm not sure what the initials LHS mean). I was wondering if you could help to understand. The whole sentence is "I went to the little GED ceremony in the LHS gym, at his invitation" in the very beginning of the book. Thank you for your time.

Great blog you have here, by the way.

larissa.hainzenreder at gmail.com

Jan said...

Silly and fun!

Jan said...

I am amazed at how much our dove pictures look alike!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Jan's photo of a dove in her own tree is here:


I've exchanged emails with Larissa (above), telling her that "LHS gym" means a high school gym. My review of 11/22/63 was in January:


But she apparently found my blog through my late December Book Beginnings post, here: