Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kiki ~ read about the silliest cat

I brought this book for Bonnie to photograph, but of course she got the pictures upside down.  The artist thinks he has a cat.  On that page with nine smaller drawings (like "nine lives"?), he says,
"When my cat's not eating, he's sleeping.
When he's not sleeping, he eating.
When he's not eating, he's sleeping."
But look carefully and notice that "cat" is big and gray and has a trunk!  It isn't a cat at all, but it does cat things:  eat, sleep, eat, sleep.  On the opposite page, the "cat" is chasing a ball of yellow yarn all over the room, even running up the walls and sitting on the piano.  Along the bottom of the page, the artist wrote:
"In rare instances, my cat devotes several minutes to exercise."

For my other favorite page spread, I got the book turned around before Bonnie snapped the picture.  On the left the artist says,
"I've painted many portraits of my cat."
That one shows him in Norman Rockwell's pose, and the opposite page shows the elephant ... I mean, the "cat" ... in the style of other artists, like Picasso.  Later the artist says he read a book about cats, "but I wasn't able to determine my cat's breed."

That's so funny!  But the silliest part (which I won't show you -- no spoilers, you know) is where the huge "cat" is standing in the small litter box, but turds are dropping on the floor outside the box.  I'm sure children would like that part best and giggle the way I did.

My Cat: The Silliest Cat in the World ~ by Gilles Bachelet, 2004

This is my favorite book ever! I give it a 10 out of 10. I do this in spite of giving some people a hard time, a while back, for calling a possum a cat.

Kiki Cat,
signing off

P.S.  The "cat" used his trunk to pick up a scooper and shovel the turds into the litter box because, as the book says, "My cat is clean."


Alyce said...

This would be the perfect book for my kiddo (he loves books that are silly and about cats). I've got to see if our library has it.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Having read the book along with Kiki, I can highly recommend it to you.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I wrote about the book again, here: