Thursday, April 7, 2011

Booking Through Thursday (#1) ~ VISUAL

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This week, Booking Through Thursday, a meme mostly about books and reading, asks: "So ... the books that you own (however many there may be) ... do you display them proudly right there in plain sight for all the world to see? (At least the world that comes into your living room.) Or do you keep them tucked away in your office or bedroom or library or closet or someplace less public?"
I own thousands of books, literally, because I still have a lot from the bookstore I once owned.  Therefore, I have shelves and shelves of books in the living room, almost as many shelves in my bedroom, boxes of books in my spare bedroom, closet shelves filled with books, and stacks of books all over the place!  Pictured above are the shelves nearest my piano, for example.  Below are some of the books on an end table.


Helen's Book Blog said...

I know the focus is the books, but I love that you have a piano in your home and that you can play. My daughter inherited a piano 3 years ago and I love having it. I play, but only a little

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I'll bet you have wonderful memories of owning a bookstore! A dream of mine...

Your shelves are lovely, and I like the books on the end table, too. Next to that cup (of tea, coffee?), it looks so cozy. I forgot to mention that I have them stacked on end tables and coffee tables, too.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Pearl said...

I have most of the books closed behind doors. they have overrun the shelf space tho and are starting to colonize.