Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Report on Kiki

Kiki was overjoyed to see me when I got home from Nashville.  She kissed my chin repeatedly.  Then we trotted off to the kitchen and -- lo, and behold! -- she had saved enough for her supper.  I had left her two bowls with what she was supposed to eat for the two days I'd be gone.  She had eaten all of one bowl and only half of the second bowl.  Wow!  That was exactly what she should have eaten, but this is a cat who (as she reported to you here and here) likes to eat.  I told her how good she had been and gave her a bit of her last can of wet food, which thrilled her.  I also threw in about eight "treats," that are really the old dry food she had before going on a diet.  She was a good girl, a really good girl.


Mel u said...

really cute cat!

Emily said...

way to go Kiki! Keep up the good work Kiki and you will be dancing all over the place soon!
I glad Bonnie and Donna made it back and hope that Donna at least has some answers and treatment information.