Saturday, November 6, 2010

Caturday's kitty is not a cat!

Some guy in our neighborhood sent out a message that he'd found a lost kitty.  This is the picture he sent.  Is he crazy, or what?  Here's what the neighborhood lads bandied about (edited to protect the deluded people on the neighborhood email list), starting with the "kitty" finder:
"Hey guys!  I found this cat behind the coffee shop and wanted to know if he belonged to anyone.  No collar, male, black tan and gray, NOT friendly (he may be scared), not house broken.  If this is your cat, let me know."

"Not mine!  But I have seen Matt S. feeding this cat coffee grounds late at night.  Thanks, Matt, for making this dangerous cat even more dangerous!  A concerned neighbor."

"I've seen that cat wandering around. It always asks people for money.  It's bad for business.  Do we have an officer we can contact about this cat before things get out of hand?"

Surely they jest!  If they want to know what a REAL cat looks like, here's my picture.  Notice that I do NOT look anything like that ugly possum!

Kiki Cat, signing off


Helen's Book Blog said...

I had an opossum in my stove vent once--had animal control come deal with it...yuck!

Emily said...

I had one of those un-cats in front of my house this morning. It was thankfully dead, so I threw it in the woods for the crows. I only adore real cats like you, Kiki

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you, Emily! I'll always be your friend as long as you give me treats when you come to visit. That's the correct way to adore me, as you have already learned. You're pretty smart for a human.

Kiki Cat

Beth said...

You are indeed a lovely kitty, Kiki, and do not resemble that scary possum in any way. I think maybe he's just angry because he wishes he could live the sweet life of an adored cat, like you. I mean, have you ever seen what possums have to eat? And nobody ever gives THEM treats.

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