Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen is a meme where we make a list of 13 things on this 
day on a topic of our choice.  The only rule is to write about 13 things.
1.  The fog was so heavy when I woke up last Saturday that the sun looked like the moon behind thin clouds.  I could look right at it and see only a disc like these elevator buttons.

2.  When I opened my kitchen blinds, I couldn't see Walgreens across the street.  I could only see a slightly darker fog where the building should be.  That's Walgreen's at top left.

3.  I decided it's once again time to click on WindowSwap, which "opens a new window somewhere in the world."  That site lets me travel all over the world.  Where to, today?

4.  Oooh!  I got a video looking from a cable car window in Innsbruck, Austria.  We passed other cars going up the steep mountain as we rode down.

5.  "Francesca's Golf Cart Window" on WindowSwap was lots of fun as she drove us around a neighborhood in Virginia, looking at fall foliage.

6.  Speaking of windows, this photo of Clawdia from 2015 shows what our view toward the south used to be, before construction began on our new building.

7.  I like this saying:  "Be the reason someone smiles today."  Let's all smile today.

8.  Buffalo got seven feet of snow a few days ago.  This photo was posted by Jackie McGuinness on her Junk Boat Travels blog last Saturday.

9.  I've decided to do a Gratitude Jar from this Thanksgiving to next.  I wrote about gratitude in 2021:  "You can 'rewire' your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you're grateful for every day for 21 days."  I'll try to write down three (or more) things each week for a year and save the slips of paper in a big jar.

10.  Cluttered desk quote (first published in 2018).  My desk is also cluttered. 

11.  I went out to eat with a few people on the Crown Center's bus on Tuesday, but they all went shopping in the shopping center instead.  I ate alone and decided I won't sign up for something like that again, unless a specific friend also goes.

12.  I did have leftovers to bring home, so I ate the rest of that meal the next day.

13.  If I can get my iPhone to send the photo of my desert to my email, I'll add a photo right here for you to see.


lissa said...

7 - I like that too. The smile here looks like someone is licking chocolate off their face.

10 - I like cluttered desks, it means we're doing something and that's something.

13 - I guess that means you couldn't get your iphone to do that? I don't know how either. I think not being able to use gadgets is not a terrible thing.

Have a lovely day.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Lissa, I used to be able to send photos from my iPhone to my email. When we had to change providers because of the construction of our new building, it would no longer work. I have no idea why and haven't been able to figure it out.