Thursday, January 14, 2021

Throwing a temper tantrump

How did I miss this word 'til now?  There's even a game about it (shown here).  Thanks, Colleen, for including the word tantrump in a blog post.

Word of the Year 2020
tan·trump / pronounced as "tan·trum" with a "p" sound at the end / noun = an outburst of anger, characterized by an inflated sense of entitlement, denial, narcissism, paranoia, victimhood, and debilitating tribalism.  Example:  "He threw a temper tantrump."


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm so exhausted by all of the Trump drama. My mind keeps moving forward to the inauguration and my worries about that day. I'd love for that man to find a new home in a country where he'd be more comfortable, perhaps Russia.

colleen said...

I didn't know about the game! I couldn't easily play it, so not able to laugh about him. I know they made pinatas of his likeness in Mexico.