Friday, January 29, 2021

Bernie's still traveling

Now Bernie's at the Space House, halfway up Signal Mountain, north of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Very cool, Bernie.

My latest mask purchases, two for friends, two for me.

Specifically, a kangaroo word is a word that contains its own synonym, like a kangaroo carries its young in a pouch, with the letters to spell that synonym already placed in the correct order.  And to make this even more fun, the shorter synonyms that are contained inside of a kangaroo word are called joey words, like a baby kangaroo.  
container > can
contaminate > taint
myself > me
observe > see
perambulate > amble
rambunctious > raucous
recline > lie
separate > part

Can you think of any other kangaroo words?

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I have never heard of a kangaroo word, but I bet Will Shortz, the guy who edits the NY Times crossword puzzles and hosts the NPR show on Sunday mornings, would love to do a puzzle using them!