Friday, January 29, 2021

Beginning ~ at the therapist's office

"Welcome to Saint Magnolia's Wounded Theater.  At least that's what I called it."
The Last Original Wife ~ by Dorothea Benton Frank, 2013, fiction (Georgia and North Carolina)
Leslie Anne Greene Carter is the last original wife among her husband Wesley's wildly successful Atlanta social set.  His cronies have all traded in the mothers of their children they promised to love and cherish — 'til death did them part — for tanned and toned young Barbie brides.

If losing the social life and close friends she adored wasn’t painful enough, a series of setbacks shake Les's world and push her to the edge.  She's had enough of playing the good wife to a husband who thinks he’s doing her a favor by keeping her around.  She's not going to waste another minute on people she doesn't care to know.  Now, she's going to take some time for herself — in the familiar comforts of Charleston, her hometown.  In her brother's stately historic home, she's going to reclaim the carefree girl who spent lazy summers on Sullivans Island.  As she listens to her inner voice, she realizes what she wants . . . and finds the life she's always dreamed of.
I wanted something light, and this fills the bill, so far.  I've read more than half already.

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Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

Hi Bonnie. I have to be honest and say this doesn't seem like a book I'd enjoy but I can certainly attest to the type of marriages that she writes about. Just one town over is a very affluent town with HUGE numbers of 2nd (or 3rd) marriages ... almost always to men who, in their late 50s still look pretty good and the wife is often 20 years or more younger. Great for the short run but not so sweet when it's 65 married to 85 !! At the age of 87 and still going strong I am so glad I chose to live ALONE !
Hope you are well and keep on with the blogs ... I love to read them. Ginnie

Literary Feline said...

I love the opening line you shared--Wounded Theater--what a great term. I have been wanting to try this author, and the synopsis really appeals to me. I am curious to see what direction Leslie Anne decides to go with her life. I hope you are enjoying this one! Have a great week!