Friday, January 1, 2021

Beginning ~ on her 49th birthday

"On my forty-ninth birthday, I decided that all of life was hopeless, and I would eat myself to death. ... However, after a second cup of coffee, I realized that I couldn't kill myself that morning — not because it was my birthday but because I'd promised to get arrested the next day."

Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith ~ by Anne Lamott, 2005, memoir
With Anne Lamott's trademark wisdom, humor, and honesty, Plan B is a spiritual antidote to anxiety and despair in our increasingly fraught times.
The opening sentences got my attention, and I will keep reading to see what happens next.  An Amazon reviewer used this book as a morning devotional and said, "This book is refreshing in its humanity.  Its stories of real, broken, and amazing people helped me see the broken and amazing people in my own life."

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Elza Reads said...

Eat yourself to death... That might take some time! This one does sound like it might strike a cord here and there. Hope you enjoy it, good choice for a first read of a new year!

Happy New Year Bonnie!

Elza Reads

collettakay said...

Hmmm?? I'd have to read more! Sounds interesting. I hope you can stop by:


Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

I've read several of Anne Lamott's books and find in them kernels of hope and help. I don't think I've read Plan B yet, however, so I will add it to my list. Thanks. What a funny first line. My Friday quotes are from Princess Bride