Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Insurrection at the Capitol

"To storm the Capitol, to smash windows, to occupy offices, and to threaten the safety of duly elected officials is not protest.  It is insurrection," Joe Biden wrote in an email at 5:36 pm Central Time that I received from  Biden had spoken to the nation even before the President bothered to offer a short "go home" message where he reiterated the very thing that had incited them in the first place, that the election was stolen from him.  Twitter has blocked the President's tweets — and may ban him completely.  "Domestic terrorism" is also being thrown around by what I'm seeing online.

Word of the Day #1
in·sur·rec·tion / ˌinsəˈrekSH(ə)n / noun = a violent uprising against an authority or government.  Example:  "The President's tweets incited insurrection among supporters."
I first saw the words "attempted coup" used by CBS.  That's when I started watching what was going on today in Washington, DC.

Word of the Day #2
coup / ko͞o / noun = a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.  Example:  "Was this action by Trump followers today an attempted coup in Washington?"
Joe Biden will become President of the United States at noon two weeks from today.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

What a roller coaster day from "Democrats both win in Georgia" to insurrection, coup, and sedition.

Happy New Year!