Saturday, January 2, 2021

Curled up kitty on a cushion

What better way to start the new year of Caturdays than with a picture of Clawdia, all curled up, and a bit of alliteration.  She is quite aware that I'm aiming my camera at her.  Yep, eyes slightly open, watching me.


I found something on Facebook called #MeetMyPetChallenge. with about 87,000 members.  It allows cats to answer several introductory questions, so here are Clawdia's very own answers.  She already told our blog readers most of these things months ago (yes, she blogs).
  • My legal name is:  Clawdia
  • My nickname is:  Pretty Girl
  • My breed is:  I'm a CAT.  Somebody said domestic shorthair cat
  • My age is:  about 11 years old
  • My favorite human is:  either Bonnie or Donna or Sharon
  • My biggest fear:  someone knocking on our apartment door
  • My favorite things are:  visiting with my human friends who pet me, and chasing red dots and reflections
  • What I hate the most:  being picked up
  • Where do I sleep?  I'm not telling you my hiding places! ***
  • Do I snore?  sometimes
*** Bonnie, answering for her:  Clawdia sleeps on the bed, in patches of sunshine, under the easy chair, in her blue carrier, behind my desk, in a box, in her own cat bed, on the soft back of the sofa.  She snuggles down by me when I go to bed, but when I relax, she figures she's gotten me to sleep after a few minutes and leaves.  She was catnapping in the full clothes hamper in the back of the closet in this photo.  Being black, she can hide in plain sight.  By the way, when Clawdia blogs, this is her signature:

Clawdia, 'til next time    >^. .^<


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Does Clawdia know Elza? Elza is also a cat blogger.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

The link to "Elza Reads" is over on the right sidebar of "Bonnie's Books" along with "Readerbuzz" under BLOGS I READ, so it's possible that Clawdia may have ventured to her blog to see what Elza has to say. Bookfool's cats Isabel and Fiona are often featured on her blog, too, especially on Fiona Fridays (which gave me the idea for the Caturday posts on the day after Friday).