Saturday, January 2, 2021

Happier January

This Happier January Calendar is from the folks at Action for Happiness, who say:
How can we start this new year happier? Things have certainly not been easy over the last year, and we are still in difficult and uncertain times. The best way to try to handle our difficult emotions and experiences is by focusing on what we can control. This month, we're encouraging everyone to focus on small steps to try to boost happiness - for ourselves and others around us - to spread kindness and hopefully inspire others to do the same.
January 1
~ Find three things to look forward to this year.
January 2
~ Make time today to do something kind for yourself.
January 3
~ Do a kind act for someone else to help to brighten their day.
January 4
~ Write a list of things you feel grateful for in life and why.
January 5
~ Look for the good in others and notice their strengths.
January 6
~ Take five minutes to sit still and just breathe.
January 7
~ Learn something new and share it with others.
January 8
~ Say positive things to the people you meet today.
January 9
~ Get moving.  Do something physically active (ideally outdoors).
January 10
~ Thank someone you're grateful to and tell them why.
January 11
~Switch off all your tech two hours before bedtime.
January 12
~ Connect with someone near you — share a smile or chat.
January 13
~ Be gentle with yourself when you make mistakes.
January 14
~ Take a different route today and see what you notice.
January 15
~ Eat healthy food which really nourishes you today.
January 16
~ Get outside and notice five things that are beautiful.
January 17
~ Contribute positively to a good cause or your community.
January 18
~ Focus on what's good, even if today feels tough.
January 19
~ Get back in contact with an old friend you miss.
January 20
~ Go to bed in good time and give yourself time to recharge.
January 21
~ Take a small step towards an important goal.
January 22
~ Try out something new to get out of your comfort zone.
January 23
~ Plan something fun and invite others to join you.
January 24
~ Put away digital devices and focus on being in the moment.
January 25
~ Decide to lift people up rather than put them down.
January 26
~ Say hello to a neighbor and get to know them better.
January 27
~ Challenge your negative thoughts and look for the upside.
January 28
~ Ask other people about things they've enjoyed recently.
January 29
~ Use one of your personal strengths in a new way.
January 30
~ Count how many people you can smile at today.
January 31
~ Write down your hopes or plans for the future.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you
say, and what you do are in harmony." ~ Gandhi

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