Sunday, November 15, 2020

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt ~ 2nd time around

This scavenger hunt gets a do-over, since I only covered the first two items last year.

1.  What makes me happy?  Books!
2.  What can I give my friend Donna to make her smile?  Books!
3.  What do I love to smell?  New books!
4.  What do I enjoy looking at?  Book covers!

Do you spot a bookish trend here?  Books, of course, on a book blog.

So what's that sloth doing up at the top of this post, hanging onto a twig on a Christmas tree?  There were sloths in last year's gratitude hunt, too.  One was this sloth on the cover of the book I had gotten to give Donna that day.  In pre-COVID days, Donna used to play Bananagrams with friends every weekend, and they learned that "ai" is a two-letter word for a three-toed sloth.  An excellent word for their game.

When I found the picture of the Christmas ornament from Crate and Barrel that is "fashioned out of boiled wool," I sent it to Donna and suggested she could hang it around her neck to wear at her next in-person game of Bananagrams.  She wrote back, "So cute, but I given up hope of in-person Bananagrams."  COVID-19 is making us despair of every being able to sit around the table together again.  Wear your masks, folks!

Now back to the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt.

5.  Find something that's your favorite color.
Green is my favorite color.  I still see green leaves on some trees out my windows, though some turned yellow and orange and red, and their leaves blew off in our recent high winds.
6.  Find something you are thankful for in nature.
I think I just did that.  I'm thankful for the trees, the green ones, the yellow ones, the orange ones, and the red ones.  I'm even thankful for the ones lifting their bare arms to the heavens.
7.  Find something that you can use to make a gift for someone.
The only thing I can think of to "make" a gift for anyone during this time I'm still staying home and going nowhere (I even get groceries delivered) is my little plastic bank card.  Coronavirus reality says the best way to "make" a gift is to order something online.
8.  Find something that is useful for you.
Useful?  Lots of things are useful.  My eating utensils are useful.  My computer is useful, especially so I can share my thoughts in a blog post like this.  The food on my shelves and in my refrigerator is useful.  Heck, my BOOKS are useful, especially when I want to learn something new or escape into a story.
Your turn. What are you grateful for today?

The trees were orange last week, when I took this photo of Clawdia sitting in the open window.  Today, the trees are bare, and I can see cars on the street through them.

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