Saturday, November 28, 2020

A Christmas tree and a cartoon (with analysis)

This Christmas tree is in Sharon's room at Vanderbilt Hospital.  She's been there more than two weeks, this time.  Look closely, and what do you see?  I see little signs on the tree.  I see HOPE.  I see JOY.  I see PEACE.  I see NOEL.  I see MERRY and BRIGHT.  And under the tree I see a paper airplane with wings, the paper folded and ready to fly.  I also see a round flying machine, paper folded the way I showed my children when they were young.  Yes, it can fly, too.  Thanks, David, I'd forgotten we could do it that way.  (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

My English-teacher friend Donna wrote on Facebook:  "And we wonder why so many grow up hating to read."


Helen's Book Blog said...

I hope Sharon comes home from hospital soon. My mom was in for 5 days after her surgery (she's home now) and it's no fun.

I saw that cartoon as well and loved it. Just let the students read!

Unknown said...

Donna nailed it. We have a 29 year old son who loved books as a child, but probably has not picked one up for pleasure in years.

Jane S.