Friday, November 27, 2020

Five things I ate for Thanksgiving

Colleen wrote about I Got My Turkey and Gravy and All the Fixings Fix today on her blog.  I decided to bring back the Friday Five that I used to do, but this time I'll choose whatever five things I want to blog about.  Inspired by Colleen's title, I'm listing five things I ate for Thanksgiving, even though that isn't exactly what she wrote about.  Sorry, I didn't think to take a picture of the meal.

1.  Turkey and gravy, of course.  Some people even call it Turkey Day, you know.
2.  Sweet potatoes that were perfectly cooked and melted in my mouth.
3.  Dressing that tasted so much like my mother's, it surprised me, since I didn't make the meal myself.
4.  Cranberry sauce that was simply delicious.
5.  Pumpkin pie for dessert, which was a perfect ending for the meal.

Did you notice I said I didn't make the meal myself?  Temple Israel here in St. Louis sent these scrumptious meals to Crown Center residents.  There was more in my boxed meal than the five foods I've named, but I picked the tastes I most enjoyed.  These five brought back memories of my family around our table at Thanksgiving, eating what my mother had prepared.  Sending a huge thanks to Temple Israel for the wonderful Thanksgiving meals.  I'll tell Colleen that I also got my "food fix."


colleen said...

This gave me a big smile. We didn't think our dinner was going to happen so when it did, we were happy. That fix brings me WAY back every time. So glad you enjoyed yours, Bonnie!

Jane S. said...

Bonnie, your attitude of gratefulness is inspiring. There are many blessings all around us and I love the way you recognize and(remind me to!)enjoy them.

Jane S.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

We ate only one of the items from your list, though we ate five items, too. Can you guess which is the common food?

1. Turkey, of course.

The others:
2. Mashed potatoes
3. Hot rolls
4. Green beans
5. Pecan bread

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thanks, Colleen and Jane.

Deb, believe it or not, but the other food items in the box included (6) mashed potatoes, (7) a roll with (8) butter, and (9) green beans! It was just a matter of the arbitrary Friday FIVE that limited me to five in my list. We didn't have the same dessert, though. To make it a mere five, I had to combine "turkey and gravy," which were separated in the box they came in. LOL. Otherwise, it would have made it (10) gravy, for the food. The good folks at Congregation Temple Israel also included (11) plastic cutlery with (12) a napkin, and (13) a card taped to the outside of the box.

Emily said...

The 5 things I ate for Thanksgiving were turkey, squash casserole, roasted brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, and a giant roaster-sized marshmallow that I roasted outside over a firepit.
I like my marshmallows to catch on fire so I can eat the crispy layer , then do it again until the marshmallow is gone. My daughter and one grandson like theirs a light golden color. The other grandson would wave his over the fire before taking each bite. How do you like yours?

Bonnie Jacobs said...

It's been decades since I roasted marshmallows, but I prefer mine crispy like yours. It didn't occur to me to put it back over the fire after each bite, but I guess mine was only a single bite little one anyway.