Thursday, November 19, 2020

Volunteers at Crown Center

One of the things I like about living at the Crown Center for Senior Living is the fact that we can volunteer for all sorts of jobs that help keep the place functioning beautifully.  Before the pandemic halted our gathering together, volunteers (from the community, as well as residents) brought the evening meals to our tables from the kitchen where food is prepared.

Some residents volunteered at what we call the Link Desk, which is at the entrance located between our two high-rise buildings.  Their job was to direct visitors to the management office or to the correct building to find those they came to see, as well as having them sign the visitors book upon entering.  Some of us agreed to be "ambassadors," whose job was to orient newcomers who had just moved in.  We showed them where to find our little library, the fitness center, the laundry rooms, the culinary kitchen, the media center, the dining room.  We accompanied them to events or explained how to sign up for bus trips, and so forth.

Another volunteer position is changing the bulletin boards located at the elevators on each floor.  This may be the only volunteer job currently being done, since one person does each job.  I've been doing the board on the sixth floor in my building, and occasionally I have blogged about whatever I've put there.  Last week, I went to the seventh floor of my building to do laundry and noticed not only the bulletin board at the elevator, but the one inside the laundry room.  So I'm sharing those three today.  Clicking on the pictures should enlarge them.

Top photo:  Laundry room on the 7th floor.
That's the November 2020 calendar hanging lowest.
Middle photo:  By the elevator on the 7th floor.
At the center is original art painted by artist David Kaskowitz, who lives on that floor.
Bottom photo:  At the elevator on the 6th floor.
These animals and birds came from calendars.  The one at top center has words that say something like, "If you don't know where you're going, any path will get you there."

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