Friday, September 13, 2019

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt ~ go for it

Gratitude #1 ~ I found a book.  No, really.  Nancy wanted to stop at the bookstore when we were out together this afternoon, and I found a book.   You know books make me happy.  I enjoyed looking around a bookstore, so I accomplished #1 on this list to find something that makes me happy.

Gratitude #2 ~ I found a book.  Same book as above, but it's something that will make my BFF smile (if not laugh out loud) when I give it to her.  I'll work on the other items on the list later, but for now I want to read this short book quickly so I can give it away.  Here's the book.  I'll explain later why it will make her laugh.

A Sloth's Guide to Taking it Easy: Be More Sloth with These Fail-Safe Tips for Serious Chilling ~ by Sarah Jackson, 2018, advice/humor, 9/10
Is modern living stressing you out and getting on top of you?  Try slowing things down a little by being more sloth.  Living in the 21st century is exciting, but with everything moving so quickly it can feel a touch overwhelming.  It’s time that everybody relaxed and took a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures, but we also appreciate it’s easier said than done.  That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of an expert to guide you along the path to peace.  Meet your mentor:  Brian the sloth.
Tip 1:  Eat healthily
Tip 2:  Use positivity mantras
Tip 3:  Spend time with like-minded people
Tip 4:  Stretch regularly
Tip 5:  Remove negativity and things that weigh you down
This fifth tip is metaphorical, which will resonate with my BFF.
Tip 6:  Make time to enjoy your favorite things
Tip 7:  Try physical contact
Tip 8:  Use the power of plants
Tip 9:  Don't compare yourself to others
Tip 10:  Take a deep breath
Tip 11:  Get back to basics
Tip 12:  Embrace modern technology
Tip 13:  Try online dating
Tip 14:  Lighten up and have a laugh
Tip 15:  Relax with a good book
Oh, oh, oh!  My kind of relaxing!
Tip 16:  Take a vacation
Tip 17:  Look at things from a new perspective
Tip 18:  Break things down
Tip 19:  Ignorance is bliss
Tip 20:  My best advice yet
And that would be?  "Just chill out, yeah?" (p. 57).
In Part 2, the author shares ancient wisdom from philosophers, like D Llama.  Fun reading!  I rate the book 9/10 because it's excellent.

Now for the explanation I promised about why this book will make Donna (my BFF) laugh.  For some strange reason, she and her friends who play Bananagram every weekend have chosen a sloth as their mascot (or spirit animal, or whatever).

I think the reason for their choice is that they've learned that ai (not capitalized as in AI, or artificial intelligence) is a two-letter word for a three-toed sloth, pictured at right.  Donna has even gotten herself a sloth keychain.  I've decided my own spirit animal is a bookworm.  Can you figure out why?

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I love the cover of that book! It made me smile.