Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Mind-blowing facts ~ and a couple of words

I was making a turkey sandwich today, when I remembered the time I exasperated my mother by take so long to spread mustard on a slice of bread.  The memory made me smile.  I remember that I was carefully spreading mustard (or maybe it was mayonnaise) to the edge of each slice of bread.  I was being very meticulous about it, watching how the mustard spread.  Mother wanted me to hurry up and be done.  I don't remember the details, just that I was surprised it bothered her.  It impressed me enough that I have remembered it for more than seven decades now.

Word of the Day #1

exasperated / iɡˈzaspəreədəd / verb (past tense) = irritated or annoyed.  Example:  "I exasperated my mother by taking so long to spread the mustard on that slice of bread."

77 Mind-Blowing Facts

This morning, I ran across this BuzzFeed article of interesting facts.  My favorites are the ones about words:
5. "umop apisdn" is "upside down" spelled upside down with different letters of the alphabet.
17.  The word "swims" upside-down is still "swims."  [It works better with capital letters:  SWIMS.]
24.  Every "C" in "Pacific Ocean" is pronounced differently.
61.  Every single odd number has an "e" in it.  [Yeah, check it out:  one, three, five, seven, nine.)
63.  "Will Will Smith smith?" and "Will Smith will smith" are sentences that make complete sense.
70.  The "ea" in "tea" is silent.
And then there's THIS to ponder:
75.  At the time the current oldest person on Earth was born, there was a completely different set of human beings on the planet.
Word of the Day #2
mind-boggling / mahynd-bog-ling / adjective (slang) = mind-blowing; intellectually overwhelming.  Example:  "That there was a completely different set of people on the planet when the current oldest person on Earth was born is understandable, but completely mind-boggling to me."


AuntyDon said...

I empathize with your mother. This trait of yours exasperates me as well. But it is so trivial, that you are still my bff!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Guess what, dear BFF Donna. I thought about adding that to the post when I was writing it, that I exasperated you as well, when we were roommates. LOL. It's even better that YOU told the world yourself. At least, I'm aware of it.