Friday, July 24, 2020

Masks and windows

Masks by Sarah

Donna's new mask


Donna got a Golden Girls mask with "Thank you for being a friend" on it.  Too bad her friend Clawdia can't read it.  Speaking of masks, my friend Sarah has a video about masks she's been making and giving away.  I admire her and Laurie and Linda, who also made and gave away masks.  Looking at the masked people around you these days, have you ever asked yourself, "Who is that masked person?"


It was night time in Dubai, UAE, when I looked out Hijaz's window today, using WindowSwap.  Click to read where I "went" the first time I looked out of random windows around the world.

One mask at one window

On her Gotcha Day yesterday, Clawdia DID get to visit Donna through the window and Sharon in the hallway, as I had hoped.  Both friends were masked.  Clawdia walked down the hall three times, ate her favorite gourmet food, and also got treats TWICE.  So it was a very event-filled day for Ms. Clawdia.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

People really are getting creative with their mask wearing; I love it!