Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Two words on TWOsday

Word of the Day #1
UFOs = UnFinished Objects.  Example:  "I have a number of UFOs languishing on my hard drive."
This made me smile.  I found this on one of my other blogs, posted on October 7, 2008.  It was about my writing projects, articles and stories I was working on, but had never finished.  I also have lots of UFOs around my apartment, but these should be called Un-Finished Objectives.

Word of the Day #2
languish / lan·guish / ˈlaNGɡwiSH / rhymes with anguish / verb  = lose or lack vitality; grow weak or feeble; suffer from being forced to remain in an unpleasant place or situation.  Example:  "He has been languishing in jail since 1974, and my UFOs have been languishing on my hard drive since 2008."

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