Friday, July 17, 2020

Handel's Water Music

Today, Joy is celebrating the 303rd anniversary of the first performance of Handel's Water Music on her blog, where she gives you background information.  Let your imagination take you back to the King George the First boarding a royal barge on the River Thames on July 17, 1717.

Now imagine another barge filled with musicians tagging along playing this music.  See the other boats following and listening to the music.  Can you see it?  Maybe not, but you can hear it now.  Just click on the link above to go to Joy's Book Blog and enjoy the music and information.

I've been listening to it the whole time I was writing this blog post and find it delightful in the background.  If you want to jump straight to the music, here's an hour's worth of listening to Handel's Water Music on YouTube.  And just for fun, look at that date again:  7/17/1717.  Those numbers made me smile.

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