Thursday, July 23, 2020

Gotcha Day ~ time to celebrate

It's Clawdia's Gotcha Day

Since I don't know her actual birthday, it's a day to celebrate and give my little roommate some extra loving.  What would she like?  I could...
  1. take her out to nibble grass and watch birds and people.
  2. let her "talk" to Donna through her window, as in this photo.
  3. order her favorite gourmet foods on InstaCart.
  4. maybe visit her friend Sharon in the hall to get petted.
  5. give her lots of loving today, along with brushing her fur.
  6. give her treats, maybe even give her treats — TWICE.
Update ~ I fortgot to mention that she came to live with me in 2015, five years ago.  The vet thought she was about six, so now she's eleven.  She's elderly now and fits right in at the Crown Center for Senior Living.

Life beyond my apartment

Today, when I clicked on WindowSwap, I was looking out Ami's window in Nes-Ziona, Israel.  I learned about WindowSwap a couple of days ago on NextDoor, a way of connecting with people in our own neighborhoods.  Click on WindowSwap for a surprise look at the world, with no way to predict what in the world you'll see.

Word of the Day
co-vid-i-ot / noun = (1) A stupid person who stubbornly ignores "social distancing' protocol, thus helping to further spread COVID-19.  Example:  "Are you seriously going to visit grandma?  Dude, don't be such a covidiot."  (2)  A stupid person who hoards groceries, needlessly spreading COVID-19 fears and depriving others of vital supplies.  "See that guy with the 200 toilet paper rolls?  What a covidiot."


Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

Hi Bonnie: It's good to hear from you. I seem to know a lot of covidiots and it annoys me that they are so selfish and think nothing of flaunting all the Covid rules. It is so sad that we are so far behind on all this and it didn't have to be like this. On a happier note I'm glad to see that your cat is still your great companion. Hope you are well and be sure to STAY SAFE.

Helen's Book Blog said...

I love gotcha day for our furry friends. I miss our sweet Charlie even though it's been over a year since he died.

Maphead said...

What a pretty kitty! I love black cats!