Saturday, December 12, 2020

Embracing my inner sloth

This sloth sentiment is dedicated to Donna, Miriam, Gail, Sandy M, and Marie.  These friends played Bananagrams together and soon discovered an "ai" is a three-toed sloth.  Knowing it's a legitimate word is valuable when playing their game, so they adopted a sloth as their spirit animal.  I hope this shirt will encourage my friends to embrace their inner sloth in what's left of 2020, since they can no longer get together every weekend in the Circle@Crown Café.

This design is perfect for this season.  There's a Christmas tree on the left for my Christian friends which is also an eight-branched menorah for Hanukkah for my Jewish friends when turned around.

This poster from Cool People Care is like a to-do list of ways we can make the world a better place for all of us.  My motto has long been Embrace Kindness and Practice Compassion, both right there in the middle.  And I talk to strangers.  One of my friends said I can make a new friend during an elevator ride.  I can't do that in 2020, though.  Since it's impossible to socially distance in an elevator, we have been told to ride our elevators at the Crown Center one person at a time, except for those who are family or have caregivers.  We all need to stand up for justice and offer hope to those around us during this life-altering time of COVID-19.