Monday, December 7, 2020

Caring for self on a day of sad remembrance

Self-Care Bingo

Back in March, a couple of weeks after our lockdown began, I posted this Self-Care Bingo card.  This seems like a good time to post it again.  Click on the image to enlarge the words, if you can't read them.
  • Drink another glass of water (twice; we need to stay hydrated)
  • Create something
  • Listen to a favorite song
  • Cultivate gratitude (5 times; feeling grateful lifts my spirits)
  • Read a poem
  • Cook something sustaining
  • Offer to help someone
  • Inhale/exhale
  • Connect with someone (3 times; especially important if you live alone or with only a pet for company)
  • Clean up a messy spot
  • Look at something beautiful
  • Go to bed
  • Turn off the news (twice)
  • Eat something tasty
  • Relax and do nothing
  • Watch something that makes you laugh
Did I miss any suggestions on the Bingo card?  How many of these have you been doing?

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

A blogger I've never visited before began her post today:  "Most of my fellow American readers, followers, and lurkers are too young to have remembered the attack on Pearl Harbor.  In fact, most of us weren't born yet..."  She reminded me it's the anniversary of the deadly day in 1941 that got the United States into the Second World War.  I was too young to remember the event, having been born the year before.  I do remember the day my Daddy went off to war three years later, when I was four-and-a-half.  He was drafted even though he had two children and a third on the way.

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