Saturday, December 19, 2020

Clawdia on Caturday

Last night, when I took Clawdia on a walk to the other end of our hall and back, she stopped at this door.  She knows where her friends live.
  • She nearly always leans her head down to sniff or listen under Sharon's door to determine whether she's home or not.
  • She always enjoyed getting invited into Gail's apartment to look around and explore while Gail and I talked.
  • And she used to insist that I knock on Tiny's door, until she finally figured out that Tiny no longer lives in the apartment just a few steps from our own door.
I sent this photo, saying, "Clawdia misses visiting you."  Unfortunately, her caregiver is allergic to cats, so we probably couldn't go inside her apartment to visit, even if we didn't have this pandemic lockdown with social distancing.
Another friend named Sharon emailed me a musical Christmas card of cats on a player piano.  I love the lively tune and the antics of the cats.

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Jinjer-The Intrepid Angeleno said...

That is so cute that Clawdia goes visiting and has her favorite must-stops!