Sunday, December 6, 2020

Day 266 since lockdown = 38 weeks

This is actually a doormat.  My daughter Sandra had a photo from the mid-1960s of me and my three children put on a doormat for me.  We were at Signal Point that day, overlooking the Tennessee River.  The city of Chattanooga is off to the left behind me.  This surprise arrived in the mail yesterday.

Gotta brag a little

My daughter shared her painting of a Christmas tree on Facebook today.  Click to enlarge it and see details better.

I love her Christmas tree!  Her black phone on the wall around the corner is a vintage phone like the ones I blogged about on Thursday.

Exploring the world

The only way I have traveled since March this year is online.  In July, I discovered WindowSwap and have clicked on it occasionally ever since, jumping to random windows all over the world.  Recently, I learned about View from My Window on Facebook, where over 200,000 of us share a view from our own windows, limited to one post a day per person.  I've only posted once so far, sharing a photo of Clawdia in her favorite window.  Click on my blue links to see for yourself.

Another way I get around is to Google the places where I used to live.  Today, I went back to take a look at the first house we bought just before the twins were born sixty years ago.  The house looks pretty much the same, but the trees in the front yard are different and they've added a deck that we didn't have.  Over the years, I have walked the neighborhood where I grew up, looked at my old school buildings, and visited a friend in the Netherlands whom I've never met.  I've never been in her country, either, except via Google maps.  It's fun; try it.

Face masks

Vincent van Gogh would have a problem in our masked world of 2020.  I hope you are still wearing a mask and staying socially distanced when you go out.  To make your face mask fit better, watch the tutorial video at the end of this short article.

Bookish things

I haven't read much this week, but I did borrow The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult from my friend Donna.  I am still reading a Maisie Dobbs book right now, but I'll share more about this latest book by Jodi Picoult in a Book Beginnings on Friday post.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

Love your daughter's Christmas tree painting! Such talent. And I like the photo of you and your kids, too.