Saturday, December 26, 2020

Another Caturday, another door

It's Caturday again, and here's Clawdia at the door of another of her friends.  Last week, she waited hopefully at a different door on our floor, only to be disappointed.  She waited at this door without any luck, too.  Yesterday, as a special Christmas treat to Clawdia, we went for a walk early enough that her friends were still awake, and I texted Sharon we were "walking."  When Sharon opened her door, Clawdia was startled and so surprised that she started running home until I called after her, "It's Sharon!"  Clawdia stopped, turned to look at Sharon, and hurried back down the hall to be petted.  If you ask Clawdia, Christmas this year turned out to be a very special day, indeed.


Emily said...

It is nice to have friends who will give you some affection. Here is a virtual hug for you((HUG))
and one for Clawdia. ((HUG))

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thanks, Emily. I'll make sure Clawdia gets her hug.