Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Tuesday Teasers ~ Q&A style

Question #1:  Noah asked the two owls, cramped in their little compartment, "Why don't we hear any sound from you?"  What was their palindromic retort?  (Gen.7:9)
Answer:  "Too hot to hoot."

Question #2:  On which day of the week were the twins, Esau and Jacob, born?
Answer:  On two's-day.

Question #3:  Why is a trip to Egypt only for the very old?  (Exodus 7:17)
Answer:  It is a see-Nile experience.

Quotes are from pages 42, 72, and 92 of Encyclopedia of Biblical Humor by Rabbi Maurice Lyons, 1990, humor

One more laugh:
  There's a typo on the cover.  The rabbi's calligraphy wasn't perfect, so some e's look like a's.  In the Prologue he wrote:
"Zeyde (never "Grandpa"), how about composing a Bible riddle-book and general, humorous observations of the Bible?"
The cover says "Zeyda Moshe," but Zeyda means Grandma.  The two words together say "Grandma Moses."  But she's an American folk artist who has absolutely nothing to do with this book.  Maurice Lyons was a rabbi in St. Louis.

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