Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jaxon's books

Today, I had lunch with my daughter Sandra at Applebee's, which is in the mall directly across from a bookstore.  (You already see where this is going, don't you?)  As I headed toward the books after lunch, my daughter declined to join me, saying she's too weak and can never leave without buying books.  I assured her I could.  I was wrong.  I held temptation at bay while browsing the tables of fiction and nonfiction and bargain books and YA fiction, but the sales table of books for babies snagged me, and I got this board book for 10-month-old Jaxon.

Good Night, Baby ~ by Elizabeth Hathon
The book goes through the routine things a child does before bedtime, like bath time and brushing teeth.
I was planning to take it to Jaxon, but they were out of town for the day.  So I left the little book with my son and his wife, Sharon.  She keeps the baby while his parents work and showed me a book that Jaxon dearly loves.

First 100 Words ~ by Roger Priddy
"Features 100 everyday words for children to learn and help build their vocabulary. Beautiful color photographs. Simple design in a sturdy format."
He loves it so much she plans to go back and get the other book like it, by the same author.

First 100 Animals ~ by Roger Priddy

It appears Jaxon will be a book lover like 2-year-old Raegan, my other great-grandchild.


Helen's Book Blog said...

There are so many wonderful books out there for little ones. I always loved Don Freeman's book (for kids a bit older) like Dandelion!

raidergirl3 said...

We had that Goodnight Baby book! Read to all the little ones.

Jan said...

With a granddaughter now, I love to find books for her, though I tend to go for classics that are often ignored by new parents. Thanks, Bonnie!